About Us

Urbaneyogi is a Kolkata-based enterprise with  global reach. Our Google reviews and ratings indicate our customers’ love and trust in us. With the same trust and authenticity, we are here to serve the best of  handmade crafts across the globe.

It all started in 2019 under the apprenticeship of Shambhoo Singh and his first generation descendants along with the avid artistes of the soil. Shambhoo Singh himself being a man grown up in remote village of Bihar, playing football and hopping through village melas ,was always enchanted with the handicrafts made by the mother and grandmothers. Though having a well settled life in the city of Kolkata, something was missing deep inside. Most of his memories belonged to village and all those tangible things that were made with pure love, the things that were made by hand and stories woven around it. An urbane man with the inclusiveness of an Yogi, the Urbaneyogi came into existence. The team did not pause hereafter. we moved forward in our journey with handicrafts and handmade art items to spread the spark of love which is unknowingly hijacked by the artificial attachments.

Today our team is growing in numbers. Our medium works to give a platform and recognition to Indian artists. Thus, the hidden artists and their talent have found a way to present their art to genuine art lovers.

Urbaneyogi helped bridge the gap between artists and art connoisseurs. The place has become a favorite among people who love to see genuine artwork.

Shop for customized and outstanding handmade crafts for unique gift items, home decor, fabric jewelleries, wall hanging, handmade diaries, chocolates, and other things, including apparel.

The people interested in interior design, home decor, and custom crafts are welcome to visit our site and develop their functional spaces within the building. You can adorn and furnish any room you want with embellishing objects to gain a particular aesthetic at a reasonable price.

Modern-day interior design features a monochromatic color palette, minimalism, clean lines, natural light, and materials. We offer an opportunity to contemporary artists and budding talents to showcase their talent with beautifully crafted pieces of art.

The handmade diaries are diverse and distinct. Modern art is differentiated by the insufficiency of a uniform organizing principle, -ism, or ideology. The most distinctive feature of the artworks on our website is that it has no specific feature or single characteristic. The artist’s proficiency comprehends it to express and create a modern masterpiece.

If you are interested in modern art, buy them online based on the seven elements of line, color, value, shape, space, texture, and form. The crafts of modern artists are a vibrant collection of subjects, methods, and concepts that defy and challenge the definition of conventional limitations.

If you are the one more enthusiastic about impressions and problems than aesthetics, buy art pieces online from reliable sites like Urbaneyogi. Artists here attempt to experiment with materials and ideas in different ways.

The handmade calendars and personalized nameplates will add a unique and sophisticated dimension to your home décor. Mesmerize your visitors with such an astounding piece of craftsmanship.

          Wish you Happy Shopping with Urbane Yogi ! 🙂