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Fridge Magnets – Handmade eco-friendly magnets online

Buy vibrant designs of fridge magnets crafted by artistes of West Bengal.  Whatsapp Us for Custom Designs.

Fridge magnets online – Urbane Yogi

Urbane Yogi is the one stop shopping destination for fridge magnets online. Here we believe that everyone wants something special while looking for fridge decoration accessories. Our collection of fridge magnets will cater all your needs. We have the varieties of magnet for fridge. Be it flower magnet, food fridge magnets, fruit fridge magnets or quirky multicolor insect freeze magnet etc., we have it all. The best part is pricing of these art pieces. Although all our fridge magnets are truly handmade and unique, the prices are very low compared to the uniqueness of these cool fridge magnets.

Cute fridge magnets

Your loving refrigerator deserves the cute fridge magnets that we have to offer. One of the best choice is cute katili cactus freeze magnet. Our quirky designs will keep you awestruck. We bet, your guests and relatives can’t resist gazing at these unique fridge magnets. You will feel proud of the choices you made for the decoration of your fridge. Our cute fridge magnets can be fixed on any metal surface like metal cupboard, washing machine, microwave oven or any other metal surface that you want to decorate.

Mood refreshing designs of Refrigerator magnet

The varieties of refrigerator magnet that we offer will quench your thirst of uniqueness. There are colorful flower magnets of sunflower , roses, lily and others, fresh fruit magnets & cut fruit freeze magnets. In case you are a fast food lover, there are pizza, burger and donuts shaped magnets for you. For dessert lovers we have chocolate cake, cream cake, strawberry cake and pastries shaped fried magnets. These magnets in small pieces seems so real that you might feel like taking a bite of the same. Also for environment lovers we have special green crawling insects shaped refrigerator magnet. You can arrange these insects in a manner they are crawling over the surface. These are designed in sets keeping in view the total scenery that you would like to create on the fridge door.

Fridge magnet idea

We believe that ideas are the root of creation. The fridge magnet ideas that you have, can be materialized here. We offer you this facility of the customized freeze magnets at the best prices. You just need to share with us your idea of fridge magnet and we will make that happen for you. Any design of magnets can be made as per your choice and description. You just need to contact us through whatsapp and our artistes will guide you for the rest. Here in this section we give you total freedom . Why be regular if you have the choice of being unique. So , just think about the best that you want for your fridge decoration magnets and get those unique ideas crafted with love by Urbane Yogi.
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