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Bengal handicrafts online : Urbane Yogi

West Bengal has the divine gift of art and culture. Here Art rushes through the veins of society. Though these arts are full of fervor, it hardly finds a place beyond its local origin. This is our attempt to connect the local artiste to the global community. All our artifacts are made by the folk artiste completely by their hand alone without use of any machinery. From the soil of Bengal, we bring you the fragrance you have been longing for. For all the art lovers this is an attempt to bring them closer to what they have been missing till now. Here what we have to offer :

Dream Catcher

Dream catcher has been a part of tradition to the native American people. Their strong belief and perception transcended in form of art and craft and thus became the part of their tradition. Dream catchers in ancient times were originally made of twigs, feathers and threads woven in intricate manner. Native Americans had a strong belief that night air is filled with dreams. These dreams are both good and bad. While good dreams brings smile on your face , the bad dreams keeps you in loop and confused. A person after a good dreamy night wakes up fresh and full of energy looking at the day as another positive day to live. But a person with bad confusing and looping dreams wakes up dull and full of lethargy. For him even waking up is a big task let alone taking the whole day with a positive mindset. Not to mention by the time we all have the experience of good and bad dreams.

So, What does dream catcher do?

It is believed when air passes through the dream catcher, the floating dreams also try to get through the dream catcher. The threads are so intricately woven around, such that the bad dreams are entangled and trapped within the weaves itself. Thus the bad and confused dreams never get a chance to reach the mind of sleeping person.

So, what happens to good dreams then? Obviously the good dreams are good because they are light and not confused. They easily permeate through the woven trick and transcends through the feather to the mind. The slightest movement of the feathers indicates the passage of yet another beautiful dream.

However bad dreams are confused and remain confusing. They remain trapped there until the sun rises and evaporates like dew.

Dream Catcher online in India : Urbane Yogi

Urbane yogi brings you a wide range of dream catcher online, in variety of colors and designs. Buy these uniquely designed dream catchers at the best prices. You know what the very idea of dream catcher is about the metaphysical processes. A machine made dream catcher lacks the soulfulness for its purpose. Here our custom made dream catcher made by the artistes of soil is imbibed with all the positive energy and love that you and your dear ones need. Bring home the good vibes and soulfulness through our handcrafted authentic dream catcher. These dream catchers will not only filter the bad dream but also enhance the appeal of your home.

Fabric Jewellery 

Fabric jewelry means wearing your culture in style. It is so easy to flaunt on all occasions with our never-ending designs. The uniqueness of our jewellery sets is astounding. The art and craft of our cloth jewellery sets make it a truly priceless experience. All your friends will be awestruck at the elegance of the beauty of this piece of art. It is so intricately crafted with love that you will be filled with joy and energy with each collection you have. The best part of Urbane Yogi fabric jewellery is that it is all made of natural fabric color, beads, and comfortable fabric. It not only style friendly but also takes care of your gorgeous skin. The big difference between our handmade fabric jewellery and other artificial metal jewellery is the longevity of its quality in adverse conditions. When you use metal jewellery in hot and humid weathers that India is, its polish gets eroded. At the same time, you will find our cloth jewelry shining out of all such adverse conditions.

There are also some people whose skin does not suit conventional jewellery but clothes suit all. So, here you go with our handmade jewelry, organic in all the ways with the minimum amount of metals involved. Hence fabric jewelry is all the way to go for a healthy lifestyle.

There is no age bar for use of these jewellery , it is equally charming for all the ages. Its versatility extends in its uses on different occasions. Be it a party, festival, college function, and any other casual events, it is fit for all events.

Buy Handmade Diaries Online : Urbane Yogi

Urbane Yogi is the best destination if you are looking for handmade diaries online. Diary design is something that our artistes have mastered like no one else. All the diary covers are hand-painted and theme-based. You feel the love that we have put into each diary through our craft. Also, your needs are well taken care of, as we offer you small diary, pocket diary, and diaries where you can put all your memoirs freely. Our cute diaries soon become a part of your best possessions.

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